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LOS ANGELES (December 13, 2010) - In honor of the first ever National Entrepreneur's Day, the United States Global Enterprise Association (USGEA) held a event called Entrepreneur's Conference 2010 (ECON2010) to honor and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurism. Put into motion by a concept for a day honoring American entrepreneurs which arose in January 2010 and was proclaimed an actual holiday by President Obama shortly thereafter, the USGEA decided to put on this event to coincide with the new holiday and honor those who are continuing to build up the U.S. economy.

After a process that merited thousands of signatures and 6 months of campaigning , National Entrepreneur's Day was appointed as the last day in National Entrepreneur's Week by President Obama earlier in 2010. As such, the USGEA designed ECON2010 as a way to bring entrepreneurs and enterprises together on this day and offer them the chance to network and learn from one another in an event that aimed to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to offering networking opportunities and resources, ECON2010 also aimed to honor those who were doing an exceptional job in their part as entrepreneurs. Those honored include Spencer Brown, Founder of Rentagreenbox.com and recipient of the Green Entrepreneur of the Year award, Kristin Mangers, Founder of Webvisible and recipient of the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award and Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy and recipient of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

"We created ECON2010 as a way to celebrate and encourage entrepreneur's all over the U.S. and we are very proud with the way the event turned out"

"We were able to honor some outstanding entrepreneurs and plan on making this a yearly event that business owners, and future business owners can look forward to." USGEA Chairman Shaan Kumar.

In addition to ECON2010, the USGEA is a general supporter of the growth of small, medium and large enterprises, and encourages this growth daily through its membership which connects entrepreneurs, executives, educators, investors and other business people from all around the world.

For more information on the USGEA or ECON2010 please visit www.usgea.org

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