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Online Wedding Business Pioneer

The Web has complemented the wedding industry, allowing couples to choose their wedding attire, photographers and registries from their own computers. The wedding business has boomed on the Web in recent times. Jenny Lefcourt is one of the opportunistic women who analyzed the potential of the Web in facilitating the wedding business. As a young graduate from Stanford University, Jenny started a wedding registry site called Della & James. The website was the first online wedding registry in the 1990s. Jenny's dream extended further as the website pulled the registries of the best retailers together. Some of the big names include -  

  1. Williams-Sonoma
  2. Crate & Barrel
  3. Neiman Marcus
  4. Macy’s
  5. Bloomingdale’s

The website later changed its name to WeddingChannel.com and is one of the most successful companies on the Web today.

Jenny has the right mix of creativity and business shrewdness that has served her well in her career. She has a reputed business background. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and with a focus in business from the Wharton School in 1991. She attended Stanford’s Graduate School of Business in 1997. It was at Stanford that Jenny got the idea that would provide the spark for a big success in the online wedding market –WeddingChannel.com.
The concept of WeddingChannel.com was created at a business plan competition at Stanford University. Jenny, with her classmate Jessica Herrin, began working on a business plan. Luckily, an associate at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers witnessed their presentation. While they continued to work on the plan at school, they were financed by Kleiner Perkins for the business in May 1998. Seizing the opportunity to pursue her artistic passion with business expertise, Jenny left business school to focus on the start-up of WeddingChannel.com. 

Ever since WeddingChannel.com started, the market has seen many contemporaries. However, many of them have failed to make a mark in the wedding industry. Jenny's website became the #1 online wedding registry and wedding website. It is visited by almost every online bride. Registry wedding gifts are purchased on the website as well.

At a later stage, Jenny got married and had a kid. Deciding to focus on motherhood, she slowed down the pace of her business. However, Jenny saw a chance to seize another potential business opportunity

Jenny co-founded another venture that focuses on another aspect of the U.S. wedding market - wedding photography. Her new company, Bella Pictures, aims to change the way wedding photography is done. Although it has competitors, the business provides unique offerings. The idea of creating a company that could deliver beautiful and personal pictures for couples with almost any budget was too compelling for her to pass up, and it became an offering in demand by the public.

She knew from an early stage that finding a photographer with a fresh and creative eye at an affordable price was not easy. Jenny teamed up with Bob Davis, a very well-known celebrity photojournalist, Tom Kramer and George White, a successful businessman and photojournalist, to create Bella Pictures.

Jenny enjoys being part of the biggest event of people's lives. Her customers are happy with the service. She also appreciates the size of the wedding market and the big opportunities that have been provided to her. For her wedding businesses, improving the customer experience is the aspect being focused upon.

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