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Organizational development and Change and its role in elimination of Wrong site surgery in health care industry

Wrong Site surgery

Organization development values and concept was usually applied in industrial and manufacturing sectors which lead to organization effectiveness and transformation. In recent times, this concept was extended to service industries. Organization development has been applied to health care industry with certain changes. There has been increasing calls for patient safety and accountability in health care industry and medical errors are one of the leading causes of death in America. Wrong site surgeries not only has detrimental effect on the patient, but also affects the hospital performance, effectiveness and quality of health care. Organization development and planned change should be incorporated in a health care institution to solve medical error problems, to learn from experience, reframe and realign processes that will eliminate or decrease the incidence of wrong site surgery. The problem is as a result of poorly designed systems, inadequate communication, coordination and poorly designed processes in the hospitals. Organization development values collaboration, teamwork and self-examination. The wrong site surgery prevention program is one of numerous patient safety initiatives undertaken collaboratively by hospitals. The incidence of wrong-site surgery in U.S. is unknown but its consequences of such events vary from no long lasting effects on the patient to removal of wrong leg or eye which is devastating to patients, families and to healthcare providers and hospitals. The following are some of the crucial processes that are used by hospitals to intervene and prevent wrong site surgery.
Verification and reconciliation of essential patient information prior to patient’s arrival for surgery
Site marking in preoperative holding area by surgeon
Time outs intraoperatively
Operating room turnover
Organizational commitment
Evaluation and feedback

The above video will show the day of surgery when patient walks into the hospital and series of steps and communications that need to be followed in a methodical way to prevent wrong site surgery. The video shows my experiences as a physician and surgeon showing series of steps taken in our hospital to prevent wrong site surgery. The crucial step in the entire process is a surgeon talking to patient directly in the preoperative holding room and marking the operation site. This method has been adapted in our hospital and applies to both inpatient and outpatient surgeries. Organization development will create a work environment in hospitals that prevents these medical errors by boosting growth, fulfillment and performance that promotes quality of health care, human wellbeing and patient satisfaction. OD consulting in health care field such as hospitals includes managerial consulting, assessment diagnosis, group process consultation and facilitation, design and development of improvement strategies, group, meeting and problem solving facilitation of team building, consultation on the design and delivery of customized department training and referrals to operational and administrative support. . OD commitment to its core values such as importance to human needs and respect will generate a work environment of growth, fulfillment and performance in a health care organization. Developing reliable and valid measures of managerial practices and organizational processes is necessary to parallel the work being done in assessing clinical skills, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction and elimination of medical errors.

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