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Organizations don’t change, people change!!!


What is the organizational change? Is this really the organization which
changes? Is this
really that the organizations process which improves? Is this really the
intention of the
change agent?

The real organization is its workforce. The employees make the organization.
follow the process and it’s the employees who are changed. It’s the working
culture, it’s
the process what the employees follow, it’s the way that we think and the
way we work is
subjected to change which decides the fate of the change within the


Following the discussion, we will know that:

It’s the people who are changed not the

What makes people change?

What makes change agents work easier?

How the employees are motivated to change.

How the employees feel responsible to change.

How the change could be easier or difficult


The video discusses on the technique of creating a positive environment
within the
organizations where the change becomes easier. What exactly is this?

There is one very good example. If you will ask any person about the best
part of their
work life, no one will say that “My best part was where
I had no
work” but most of the example you will get like “my best part of work life was the period where I had most exciting experiences. I had many challenges but I succeeded those. My full team was on the toes
and the
circumstances were difficult but we made it. I can’t forget those moments”.
reveals that no one fears from challenges rather people love challenges and
adore them.

Then what creates resistance? It is the communication!!! It is the fear of
“we don’t know w
hat is happening and where it will lead to”. This is the negative
environment which
creates the resistance to change. If this basic thing is taken care off then
the change
becomes smooth.

The basic fundamental of change is that the organization doesn’t change.
It’s the people
who change. When people have to change then they should be motivated not
to change. Motivation will yield better results and responsibility will lead
to the
institutionalization to make the changes stay in the organization.

Successful change agent brings in the common thinking within the
organization. He
makes people think in one direction. He makes people aware of the needed
changes and
he buys every one in for the required changes. This is how he makes the
positive for the change. In lack of this there will be no agreement, no
resistance, rumors and eventually the change will become impossible or
probably will
take more time than expected.

Motivation within the employees not only means that they start implementing
the tasks
and change process. It also means that they openly communicate their
thoughts which are
leading to the fear for the change. The open communication gives the space
for the
employees to openly come up with the problems they face and good things they
like to keep. The resulting changes are then welcomed and employees feel
proud to be the
part of the development and the change management.



The most important factor which leads to the successful
change is the communication

with the employees.

If the employees are agreed for the certain
changes and they are made part of the

change process then the things become easier.

Communication is the soul of the change

Change agent creates the positive environment
within the organization.

Within this environment everyone should feel
comfortable and they should see the

benefit due to changes.

Employees should be made part of the vision. It’s
the people who are changed so they

should feel accountable and responsible
for the change.

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