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Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

     Like most any average person, that doesn't make a living speaking in front of a large audience, public speaking is a very frightening experience.  While researching this topic, I found a lot of helpful pointers and things to do to overcoming the fear of speaking in front of an audience or large group.  I was made aware that the fear of public speaking is considered one of the highest fears among people in the Western Hemisphere, even more that death itself!  The one video I found extremely helpful is the one located on Youtube.com/edu at http://youtu.be/jVrKNV5l6gQ.  I found it insightful due to its easy explanation and keyword to help overcoming public speaking fear.   I feel that the fear of public speaking is a fear everyone feels from time to time and conquering it can be achieved.  As a college student and a working professional, I run into this fear quite often and researching this topic has proven to be a great value.  The video gave me a great way to approach my fear and I think it will help everyone that views it!

Once the viewers finishes the video, they should be able to:
- Control their anxiety from public speaking because it makes them aware of it and once you are aware of it you can take control of it.
- Approach the fear at a different angle.  Don't be afraid of it, embrace it and overcome it.
- Be prepare to speak in front of a large group or audience by using the different ways of preparing for a speech.
Here is the video:
     The video gives the viewer a valuable way to address the fear of public speaking with the keyword - CALM.  When approaching the fear of public speaking with the keyword, that the video explains, its makes the fear more manageable.  Each letter of CALM has a way to help overcome the fear. 
     C stand for Confidence. You gain confidence by being well prepared and practicing over your speech beforehand.  Know your audience, their background,  why they're there, who they are and what they expect to get out of your speech.
     A stands for Anxiety and Acceptance.  Once you realize your anxiety, you can accept it and make it work for you and not against you.  A little anxiety can help you be a better speaker because it can give you more energy and be more animated when speaking.  If you show energy and excitement in your speech, your audience will be more in tuned and attentive.
     L stands for Loosen up.  Before your speech, takes some deep breaths and loosen up.  Roll your shoulders, move your head around, and let the moment pass.  Don't over prepare your speech or your answers.  Keep yourself in the moment.  Try not to overwhelm your audience with information.  Keep it simple and to the point.
     M stands for Momentum.  The hardest part of public speaking is getting started.  Once you get started, keep the momentum of your speech going.  Rehearse your opening several times before hand.  If you can past your first couple of minutes, your confidence and momentum should carry you through your whole speech.  Practice your speech a couple of times if you can.  Use keywords to remember your speech and keep you on track.
     The fear if public speaking can be a very frightening experience for anyone that has to do it.  Even the most seasoned speakers still get anxiety from time to time.  There are many videos available that addresses this fear, the one I included is just one way of approach this fear.  I picked this once because of its simplicity and memorable keyword example.  Because of this assignment and the research I had to do for it, I do find myself a little more confident in my approach to public speaking. Granted, it hasn't made me want to go run out and stand up in front of a large group but it has allowed me to understand why I am nervous and anxious when I have to address a large group of people.
(Youtube.com/edu, Brian Carroll, from Performance Development, http://youtu.be/jVrKNV5l6gQ)
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