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Performance Tracker: Innovative Technology for Utilizing Data for enhancing Student Achievement.

Many school districts have moved to utilizing Performance Tracker, a SunGard product, for recording, storing, and measuring the correlation of relational student testing and data. Performance Tracker can provide educators with a centralized means of analyzing and interpreting data. This web based software also provides simple access to local, state, and national statistical assessment data. Performance Tracker (PT) has developed live charts and graphs, with a uniquely configurable dashboard, so that assessment data is easily organized for simple viewing and analysis. Performance Tracker is capable of being tied into any student information system (SIS) with the use of the student interoperability framework (SIF) to allow the migration of student data to occur seamlessly by interconnecting the SIS database to the PT database. PT along with their other partnering software of eSchool, Assessment Builder, and Performance Pathways can allow educational institution to appropriately evaluate and maintain student data integrity. Since all of these products are web based, teachers and administrators have access to all relevant information at any time and at any location. This means valuable curriculum and assessment data is available anywhere there is internet access, and another bonus to PT is that there is no software to install or update.

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According to the Sunguard Website.
The PerformancePLUS learning management system includes:
An assessment management solution for tracking and analyzing student achievement in K-12 education, PerformanceTRACKER provides educators a single location to easily access national, state and local assessment data along with essential student information.
Provides K-12 educators with a simple way to create, score and analyze local benchmark assessments.
Software that makes it easier for K-12 educators to develop and share a comprehensive, standards-based curriculum including units, lessons and assessments.
Provides educators a single point of contact to easily access state, national, and local assessment data
Organizes data into live charts and graphs for easy viewing and thorough analysis
Affords teachers and administrators a simple way to create, map, align, and share curriculum
Builds and scores local benchmark assessments in minutes from local content and thousands of pre-built questions aligned to state standards
Integrated yet modular design allows for standalone or integrated use
Helps build a data-informed culture and increase student achievement
Combines cutting-edge technology with proven educational practice
Provides support for meeting the challenges facing education today
Reflects collaboration with real-world educational practitioners to build software well-versed in practical curriculum and assessment strategies
Facilitates professional dialogue based on real data

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