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Peter Sahin, South County Law Group

Peter Sahin, owner and founder of the South County Law Group in Orange County, California, provides individual access to a personal lawyer through his business. He has gleaned a number of different principles through working with his father, and he derives great satisfaction from teaching these principles to new entrepreneurs.

He traveled the globe when he was young, as his father worked for an international engineering firm. When his father retired from engineering, he started a very successful family real estate business; seeing the founding and growing of a company firsthand gave him life lessons about starting and growing a company.

He learned very quickly, as part of his father’s family business, that many small businesses needed easy access to affordable lawyers for everything from incorporation to contract law.

As a result of the challenges his family’s business faced in attempting to find legal help for various entrepreneurial issues, he decided to help small businesses receive the legal help they need.

"All entrepreneurs go on the journey from start to finish and it's about the obstacles and how we overcome them and I enjoy being an ally [in that journey]"

“Don’t Be a Commodity”

Sahin says that, while many people claim that price was a factor in their decision to choose or not to choose a business, this is rarely the actual reason. It’s usually just an ex post facto justification for making one decision or the other.

No, instead, Sahin believes that when people make a business choice, they are choosing what sets your business apart from others. In his case, they’re choosing a real relationship with him. Because he charges his clients a fixed flat fee, he can be honest and forthright about what services his clients actually need.

The important principle here, Sahin says, is to avoid offering a commodity, since commodities can only compete on price.

Sahin could simply offer a legal document service. And he could probably achieve some degree of business doing so. However, simply processing legal documents is a commodity. Instead, he has innovated the simple business of providing legal documents by creating a place where people can go to get honest, forthright legal advice.

What’s Next for Peter Sahin?

Beyond focusing on his business, Sahin continues to teach entrepreneurs the value of outsourcing what you can. “Find out what you’re worth,” Sahin says, “and outsource what isn’t worth your time. Find out what only you can do.”

No matter what direction South County Law Group goes in the future, it is highly unlikely that it will move away from its basic model: providing high-quality legal advice for small businesses just like his family’s business years ago.

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