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Planning Basics For CEO’s

Planning forms the basic part of management. Planning bridges the gap between where we are and where we want to go. In other words, planning is the process which fills the gap between the input and the output.
A CEO's role is more focused on planning than any other activity. The process has to be continuous. A CEO should know the significance of planning and how important it is to the system. An organization is a system that follows one specific process at a time. The process is backed by the function of planning.

To begin with, there are inputs that a CEO must acquire. The inputs are comprised of the resources that are available for the process. The next step is the procedure in which the available resources are made ready for use. These resources can be tangible or intangible. The third step is the outcome of the procedure. The outcome is generally anticipated by the CEO. The actual outcome has to match the planned outcome. If they are the same, it is implied that the CEO has succeeded in the planning process.

Goals are the  key destination points of a plan. A plan is destined to achieve something that is already anticipated. A strategy is the method or the process by which a plan is executed. Objectives are the significant key levels which assure that the plan is going in the right direction. A task is the delegation of an assignment to the employees, who are briefed about the plan and instructed to act accordingly.

Planning may take different forms. Irrespective of the form or type, the CEO has to keep in mind that the process of planning is persistent.

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