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Podcast Marketing

Podcasting is the system of allocating multimedia files, such as music videos, free conference call or audio programs, over the internet using atom syndication or RSS, for playback on personal computers and mobile telecommunication devices.

Podcasting is the most powerful of today’s marketing solutions. By harnessing the Internet’s own natural syndication power, Podcasting gives corporations the ability to connect with an On-Demand society. Customers are growing accustomed to consuming their media choices on their own individual schedules. Called ‘time-shifting’, this phenomenon is setting the standard for media delivery and determining a new set of marketing rules for those involved in the sector of the business world.

Key points about podcast marketing are:-

Talk Directly To Your Prospect

With the massive amount of advertising noise consumers and businesses contend with the challenge is to stand out from the rest. Traditionally this means spending thousands of dollars on well-crafted messages to catch people’s attention and many thousands more on print, which is declining in public favor due to environmental considerations. With Podcasting consumers are choosing to tune in to your message.

Lengthen Your Captive Audience’s Attention To Your Message

Radio and TV, due to cost and nature of presentation usually communicate their message in up to 30 seconds. With Podcasting, download statistics indicate most people will listen for 1-3 minutes. Print has a matter of seconds to capture attention to gain readership and then pull the prospect into more detail to take action. Podcasting due to its highly personal nature generally compels much greater interest in its content and holds the audience throughout the broadcast.

Build True One-on-One Relationships

Compared to traditional advertising, which has its highly valid place, Podcasting brings a face, voice, and life to the target customer. If a Podcast is crafted even reasonably well, it gives a company true one-on-one face time with new and existing clients with only the initial small outlay of time to create and publish the Podcast. Consumers become familiar with the brand through that person and a higher level of trust can be established.

Create Anticipation For Future Communication

Messages that are more creative can reach hundreds of thousands of people within days and have a viral impact that traditional media do not demonstrate.


Similar to HTML email where links can be clicked and measured for follow-through to the main offer, Podcasts can be studied statistically to see how many people watched during what times. Unlike TV or Radio that has a passive audience receiving the message, Podcasts have an active audience that has chosen to engage your message and listen with captive attention. Measuring conversion rates is comparatively easy to other mass media.

Immediate call to action

Statistics case analysis are still building, however, many anecdotal cases show a rise in sales, contact from prospects, people sought out for speaking engagements and increased mass media exposure due to Podcast communication. The rationale for these successes is that for the 1-3 minutes you engage your prospect you have the opportunity to create a compelling message that is not competing with any other advertiser.

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