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Prospective Quantitiave cross sectioan study of patien satisfaction and quality of health care among patients at Physician owned hospital and Community hospitals

Prospective quantitative cross sectional study of patient satisfaction and quality of health care in Physician Owned hospitals and Community hospitals
Hospitals are operating in an environment with strong institutional pressures and they are challenged to provide quality health care and patient satisfaction comparable to national health standards. Patient satisfaction and quality of health care has been a widely investigated subject in health care research and standardized measuring instruments and data collection methodology have been developed by Hospital Care Quality Information from the Consumer Perspective (HCAHPS) in order to make valid comparisons across all hospitals. These surveys have produced objective and meaningful comparisons between hospitals and have also incentivized the hospitals to keep up with the national quality standards (HCAHPS, 2010). The paradigm of physician ownership of hospitals has provided consumer choice, innovation, high quality care and patient satisfaction. Thus the growth of physician owned hospitals have created an atmosphere of competition in community hospitals to improve their performance, productivity and efficiency which translates to lower health care costs and better quality. Oakland Regional Hospital (ORH) is a physician owned hospital in South East Michigan which faces competition from surrounding community hospitals and would like to boost their operating revenues and recruit more physicians to their hospitals. ORH is interested in defining its strategy, opportunities and monitor its strategies, tactics and various service lines. Inquiry into management dilemma at ORH showed manager’s interest to conduct research to assist in making appropriate decisions which has numerous operational, financial and public relations ramifications. This researcher will conduct a prospective quantitative cross sectional study to correlate the physician ownership of the hospital has a positive impact on the quality of health care and patient satisfaction. The research questions will be crystallized, method of data collection, purpose of the study, time dimension, research environment and participant’s perceptions of research study will be clearly described to frame appropriate research design. This systematic inquiry provide information to guide the managerial decisions at ORH in processing, analyzing and fine tuning the services provided to the community in South East Michigan.
A competitive health care market is vital to ensure high quality, cost effective health care.
Some of the most competitive participants in health care market in recent years have been physician owned hospitals. These facilities provide broad consumer choice, cutting edge innovation and equipment, high quality of care and high patient satisfaction. The ORH in South East Michigan will conduct this research study to compare the quality of health care and patient satisfaction provided to the patients in comparison with patients’ experiences in other surrounding community hospitals. The national standard HCAHPS survey containing 18 patient perspectives on care and patient rating items that is based on communication with nurses, responsiveness of hospital staff, pain management, communication about medicines, discharge information, cleanliness of the hospital environment and quietness of hospital environment will be utilized to conduct the study. The questionnaires containing 27 questions will be answered by patients to rate their experiences at ORH and other surrounding community hospitals. The survey will be sent to patients by mail. The null hypothesis (Hₒ) states that there is no difference in quality of health care and patient satisfaction between ORH and surrounding community hospital. The alternate hypothesis (Hₐ) states that there is a difference in quality of health care and patient satisfaction between ORH and surrounding community hospitals. The data will be coded in the computer software and statistical analysis. Parametric tests such as t distribution will be used to determine significance between sample distributions and mean. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) will be performed to compare the effects of physician ownership of hospitals an independent variable on dependent variable of patient satisfaction and quality of health care.

The questions that are asked in this model are
• Are the differences in quality of health care is attributable to physician ownership of the hospital?
• Are the differences in patient satisfaction is attributable to physician ownership of the hospital?
The conclusions of the study will be limited to those for which the data provide an adequate basis. The researcher will practice the goals of ethics by ethically treating the participants, obtaining informed consent, anonymity and confidentiality of participants will be protected. The final summary and conclusions along with recommendations will be presented to managers and board of directors to make appropriate corrective actions that enable ORH to build competitive advantage in the community and boost the financial returns. This researcher will provide recommendations for further research initiatives to broaden the understandings of the subject. The following video highlights the importance of evaluating the quality of health care and patient satisfaction in physician owned and community hospitals.

HCAHPS (2010) CAHPS Hospital Survey retrieved from www.hcahsonline.org/home.aspx

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