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Ron Dorfman, CEO of Air2Water

What would you think if someone told you that you can make water from thin air? Would it sound far-fetched, futuristic, sci-fi? Well, Ron Dorfman, CEO of Air2Water Revolution, a company that distributes units that draw moisture from the air, is here to tell you that you can do exactly that.

Air2Water Revolution is a relatively new startup that uses an “innovative green technology” to “make pure, clean, fresh drinking water from the air that we breathe.” And the centerpiece of Dorfman’s very exciting technology is the Dolphin 1 water machine.

Air2Water Technology

Air2Water Revolution offers home and office units, which allow people to take control of their water supply. But, the aspect of his business that Dorfman finds even more fascinating is “the humanitarian component,” which uses the Air2Water technology to bring water into areas without access to clean water or into military theaters of operation, where it would be hazardous for contractors to enter. Their larger commercial units are capable of producing up to 3,000 gallons of water a day. The company also offers portable units, powered by diesel generators, which are completely mobile.

"see it, touch it, feel it, drink it.”

An Education-Based Business Model

According to Dorfman, a big part of the company’s business model is based on education. His goal is to help people be “more green” and show them how to minimize their carbon footprint through the information he presents at expos. The technology is a new concept that people have trouble wrapping their minds around. So, he lets them “see it, touch it, feel it, drink it.”

From Lawyer to Company CEO

Dorfman is a lawyer and in fact represented the scientist who originally developed the technology. He’s been with the developer the whole way and was so excited about the technology that he finally had to get involved. While he says that meaningful technology experiences a lot of starts, stops, and problems – and that they were certainly not exempt from that – they’ve been steadfast in their belief that this technology is “absolutely the wave of the future.”

Passion and Perseverance Pay Off

The Air2Water technology has taken seven years and “incalculable man-hours” to perfect, giving Dorfman a certain entrepreneurial wisdom, which he freely shares with other business owners: “You have to really be passionate about what you’re doing, because everything that can go wrong will go wrong, unquestionably. And, if you can’t get through those disappointments and those setbacks – and you’ve got to get through because of belief and passion and commitment – you’ll never get to the finish line. There’s a whole host of obstacles that you’re going to go through. You question yourself tons of times during the journey, and what gets you through that is your belief in what you’re doing.”

Passion with a Purpose

Dorfman concludes with the real reason he’s so passionate about the technology: “People are dying every single day. Our ability to bring them this technology on some basis where they can have replenishable (water) every 24 hours – without having to find an outlet, like we take for granted here – is really where this technology needs to be.”


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