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Royal Group

Royal Group is firmly committed to adding value to the strategic and economic objectives and the future development of their companies.

Their diversified portfolios of business activities, such as media, trade, financing, real estate, manufacturing, construction, technology, are focused on creating opportunities for further growth and expansion. Royal Group recognise that this role demands solid partnership and cooperation with local and internationally established institutions of high repute and standing.
Royal Group prides itself on its extensive knowledge of the region, its commitment to adapt to ever changing conditions and its insight in evolving new business opportunities. One of Royal Group’s proudest ventures in property development is the US$60 billion Al Reem Island Project. Royal Group booming businesses have led them to envisage advanced and ambitious plans for the future they plan to expand dramatically in the coming years supported by their pillars, the Royal Group team, our financial strength and the power of their dreams.

Royal Group envisages expanding strategically into sectors where strong opportunities for growth and customer satisfaction can be attained, thus reaching the five continents and ensuring a global services network of international clientele.


  • Commit fully to maintaining optimal standards of quality, integrity, performance and professionalism
  • Develop lasting business relationships worldwide
  • Provide high quality services in the various industries it encompasses
  • Continue to expand and diversify in all its extensive disciplines
  • Conduct advanced research and development initiatives
  • Continue to deliver highly innovative products
  • Maintain growth in all sectors
  • Actively develop its employees’ competencies and dedication, and encourage team work spirit
  • Commit to adding value and strengthening resources of the community
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