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Sales Growth Secrets

Sales growth strategies are a part of every company. Several hourly sessions are spent making the strategy work. There are brainstorming meetings to evolve the idea of how to put the strategy into action. In the end, the company focuses on determining whether all those sessions were worth the effort. If the sales strategy has not brought in the expected revenues, more time is spent examining where the strategy went wrong in the first place.

SWOT analysis and Six Sigma training will help managers execute their plans in a more analytical way. However, the recent recession in the economy has brought about a few similarities in the way CEOs function. In recent times, CEOs have been focusing on laying off people and cutting costs for the company. Though this activity helps in the short term, the company needs a manpower resource to function effectively in the long run.
To increase sales and profits, CEOs should follow the following factors to achieve their plans -

  1. Value vs Brand
  2. Marketing the brand will improve the popularity of the product, but it will not  necessarily increase revenue for the company. Customers should be convinced of the real value of the products. CEOs should spend more time focusing on marketing aspects that allow customers to experience the value of the products.

  3. Perception
  4. Customers tend to be put off by marketing campaigns, websites and more sales techniques. To the customer, it is a scary prospect to be put in front of all the lucrative offers put forward by the company. Instead, CEOs should resolve the customer's problems and issues first, thereby proving themselves different from their counterparts.

  5. Present vs Past
  6. CEOs must never try to bring the last year's techniques into the current year's strategies. The times have changed and innovation is the key element in success. Revamping the sales strategies each year will assist in attracting customers to the business.

  7. Measure
  8. CEOs must measure their weekly, monthly and quarterly sales growth. By keeping a regular check, a CEO can determine whether the sales strategy is working or not.

  9. Focus
  10. When the situation toughens, CEOs must not lose focus on what needs to be emphasized. Spending more time on all the details will result in failure to prioritize. The CEO can hire professionals to handle small issues that emerge often.

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