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Smart Medical Consumer

Cancer creates panic and fear in people. When an individual has been diagnosed with cancer, he/she might pray or prepare for the turbulent times that lie ahead of them. Banu Ozden is an exception on this list. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she started a business.

Banu Ozden was 35 when the positive results for cancer stood against her. She was frustrated and displeased with the bills that were sent to her. These bills had overcharges and errors in them. The medical jargon and statements made no sense either. As a result, she ended up paying more than what was actually owed. When she gradually sorted out the mess in the bills, she realized that there had been an overpayment of about $4000.

She soon realized that she was not the only one who could not make sense of the medical bills. Banu learned there were more people who experienced the same difficulty. The need for clarity eventually led to the idea of a new business. She started a web-based service called SmartMedicalConsumer.com. The idea for such a business was to help ordinary consumers get a clear picture of their medical bills without the billing errors.

The free online service offers automatic error detection and phases out errors from the medical bills sent to patients. Banu Ozden is a former director of research of computing systems at Bell Labs. As a computer expert, she holds multiple patents. Right from 2001, when she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, Banu Ozden has worked hard to provide a useful service to the public. The beta version of the website was launched in January 2007.

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