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Staging Your Home Creates $$$

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that’s the eyes of buyers. Look for areas of opportunity that would showcase your home against the competition, mortgage loan problems, lack of qualified buyers and the recession. Competition will be strong between foreclosures, short sales and your neighbor’s home that is priced well below market value. Keep an open mind and we can create a customized marketing strategy with a decorating twist. The game plan would be to find the right real estate agent to work with you to maximize the strengths of your home. The most important ingredient is pricing your home with the market. An overpriced home will become stagnant on the market and cause other homes to sell. That’s not our goal. Every step of the process is important and proper implementation is required. Staging your home with a certified stager will maximize your sales price and reduce the number of days on the market. The consultation would include marketing your home from curb to back yard and exterior to interior to make your house a model home. This is the perfect time for deferred maintenance to be performed such as painting the outside and well as the inside of your home. A complete analysis of your home will be performed such as the wallpaper, color scheme, room arrangements, flow of entertainment and clutter on shelves and the list goes on. Curb appeal is important because if a buyer drives by, and there is no curb appeal, then the buyers will drive past your home in search for the next property. Some items such as mowing your lawn, trimming your shrubs, planting flowers and remove clutter off your porch can enhance curb appeal. Many sellers don’t realize this because they see their home through their eyes. Clean out your closets and get rid of your unwanted items. You are moving, right? Don’t take the clutter with you. Keep in mind that you need to look at everything you do to your home through the eyes of the buyers. That’s where we come in and work together as partners. We will identify the levels of staging and when would be the appropriate time to put your home on the market. You will be provided with an unbiased report. We are the professionals and we get the job done. A complete list of happy sellers will be provided to you for your review. The first impression is the most important so the pictures and virtual tour need to be picture perfect so that the internet buyers will be able to visualize themselves in your home. This also works for the multiple listing services so that the real estate agents will have first-hand knowledge about your home and be able to market to their prospective buyers. Remember, the return on your investment involves effort, time and money. So start your timeline now and call for the introductory consultation so that we can establish a game plan to maximize your real estate wealth.

Analyzing Your Needs for House Staging | eHow.com


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