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Success Strategy

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Description: The intent of this video by Rollan Roberts II is to describe how to live the best life possible. His address outlines three things to do when bad things happen to good people.
Learning Objectives: The learning objectives of this video clip are to get an introductory overview of the framework that successful people have in common. The intent is for listeners to replicate these principles in their life to attain their goals and objectives. Here are additional learning outcomes:
  • Learn the two types of people to associate with
  • Strategy that successful individuals follow
  • Importance of focus as illustrated by the sun
  • Finding a passionate purpose
  • Recognize that discouragement is a choice

Summary: This powerful video clip begins by challenging listeners to seek wise counsel. The idea is to be careful who your friends are because you are, or soon will be, who your friends are. That is one reason why your income is the average of your five closest friends. We naturally start to approach life in a similar manner of thinking and philosophy. That is why it has been said that you will be the same person five years from now that you are today except for two things: the books you read and the people you meet.
The speaker identifies the two groups of people you should invest your time with as those who have what you want or want what you have. That is, those who have the kind of marriage you want, or want the kind of marriage you have. Those who have the lifestyle you want, and those who want the lifestyle you have.
Listeners were also challenged to focus their resources including time, money, and energy. This was specifically regarding what to do when problems arise in individual lives. Everyone has problems. Everyone has bad days. The secret so few understand is that it's not what happens; it's how you handle it. People can make matters better or worse by how they respond. The first step to controlling your circumstances is to accept personal responsibility for who you and and where you are right now.
  • Do not blame the ex-spouse or business partner
  • Do not blame the government
  • Do not blame the economy
  • Do not blame anyone or anything
Those without a right success philosophy and strategy demonstrate by their actions their belief that they deserve or are entitled to a certain life. When society believes that they deserve or are entitled to a certain standard of living regardless of the value they contribute as determined by the marketplace, these individuals have already lost. Employers do not owe employees a good lifestyle. It is the responsibility of each individual to earn the income necessary to live at the level they desire. The government does not owe individuals a standard of living. When you subsidize poverty and failure, whether at the hand of business or government, you get more of both.
The best perspective one can have is that life does not owe them anything and that everyone one does have, including the faculties to castigate such liberties, are a precious gift. A right success strategy says that I do not deserve anything but what I receive in exchange for the value I provide. And that value is determined by my contribution to society, not by how hard I work or how much effort I put forth. It is not determined by my lineage, my heritage, or my birthright.
The takeaway was that it is not the company's responsibility to feed, clothe, and provide for your family according to your changing standards of living. That is your responsibility and yours alone. You are not entitled to anything except what you are willing to earn by the sweat of your brow and the machinations of your mind. Accept full, personal responsibility and make it a habit to do so.
Finally, the power of hope and belief were emphasized by the fact that no matter how bad things get, all is not lost if one still has hope. So long as there is belief in a better tomorrow, then tomorrow can be better than today. This related to the earlier piece about it's not what happens, it's how you handle it. Individuals can choose whether they want to get their hopes up again and believe that things can get better or wallow in the pit of self-pity believing all is permanently lost. Listeners are encouraged to believe one more time. Have hope one more time. Go for your dreams one more time, for as long as you have hope, you have everything you need to start taking the necessary steps to achieving your goals.

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