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Successful Fashion Designer

For a true entrepreneur, there is more than one way to generate success. Olga Kostrova proved this point by achieving success in photography when her fashion business faced a setback. Olga became a photographer to cut costs in her fashion venture, only to discover she had the potential to turn her talent into yet another business venture.

Olga Kostrova migrated to Canada from Ukraine with her husband. Though she was employed by a cosmetic company as a brand manager, she quit to pursue her own business. It took six months for her to find out what kind of business she wanted to go into. She decided to develop a line of upscale women’s clothing.

Starting the fashion business was not an easy task. She needed a large amount of capital to start the business as she made use of expensive fabrics to create the clothing. And, since she was a newcomer to the country, banks and investment companies refused to invest money in her business. However, Olga did not lose hope. She wrote many letters to different companies. One recipient of her letter was the owner of a big corporation in Canada. After a thorough presentation by Olga, the corporation gave her the seed capital for the business.

With the money, Olga created the OL Grandeur Fashion House. The business focused on women's clothing. Another challenge she faced was finding the right clients who would be interested in the clothes she designed. Her business took a prospective next step when she was invited to participate in the Toronto Fashion Week. A major client liked her clothing and approached her.

However, her high-end clothing line faced a tight market in Canada, and the pace slowed for her fashion business . Olga saved money by inviting her friends to model for her clothes and taking the pictures herself, later, she realized she had a flare for photography as well. Deciding to capitalize on her talents, Olga Kostrova created a website with support from her husband. The website served as a gallery for the pictures she took. In 2002, she launched Artmill Stock Photography. The result was positive and she was able to get in touch with prospective clients for her photography services.

In less than a year, she rose to fame with her new-found business line. Her clients include advertising agents, graphic designers, magazines and newspapers. The business includes both stock and assignment photography. Though she has achieved success in the photography business, Olga strives to uplift her fashion business against all barriers in the market.

Quotes shared by Olga Kostrova -

"Please do something that your creative minds lead you to... And if something goes wrong, watch for new opportunities."

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