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Surviving student financial burdens


In today’s trying economic times finances can be a challenge for career people, so obviously this is an even bigger challenge for the student. Everyone has known the student that over spends or over shoots the budget and then be very short on money to meet school obligations. In this regard it is very important that some instruction to students be out there on ways to plan and budget what little they may get.

How students could have been spared a very negative fate if some simple financial instruction had be placed into the orientation somewhere. As with anything else you have students who make mistakes because they just didn’t know any better.

These individuals can be saved, because once they are instructed better they perform better. On the other hand you have the student that will not perform or improve no matter how you instruct. These cannot be salvaged. What we are looking to do is save the ones that can be saved a lot of grief through pre-planning.

This is good training for life after college. If a student can budget a meager amount as a student, they will do fine with a larger amount down the road.
Following the presentation the student will-

-Be more cognizant of financial issues and their own situation.
-Be exposed to what resources are out there to help them.
-Be given an example of one or two methods to budget thier money.
-Understand the importance of budgeting.

Alvin Hall Gives Advice on How to Survive University from tvcgroup on Vimeo.

Alvin Hall Gives Advice on How to Survive University from tvcgroup on Vimeo.

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