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The Rally to Restore Sanity- Remembering October 30, 2010

It's hard to believe that 8 months have past since this spectacular fall day in Washington, D.C. I was truly hopeful and inspired by the message of "not fearing the media's rhetoric" and embracing sanity. Unfortunately after 8 tumultuous months our fears have become a reality. The U.S. is now in three theaters of war- Afghanistan, Iraq and Lybia (with covert ops in Yemen). Our employment has climbed back to 9.1% (with under-employment estimated at 20%). Our economic recovery has softened and is heading for a double-dip recession. Simultaneously, our elected officials are squabbling over social issues (funding NPR and Planned Parenthood) that only affect the fringe elements of the left and right wings of each party. Now, the congress, senate and executive branches are no longer "free agents" but serve their own agendas and financial sponsors. Neither party has sufficiently addressed the most important question of the day- "WHERE ARE THE JOBS?" I am not unaware of all the natural disasters that have occurred this Spring: the devastating Tornadoes in the South and mid-West; flooding of the Mississippi River and the Missouri River; and the resurfacing of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. I realize the financial hardship and additional strain it has placed on the economy. However, I fear, we are losing this country I love so very much. I, like so many others, want to see a brighter future for the next generation. So, I am begging that sanity be restore to our country. Please stop the partisan bickering, find common ground and CREATE JOBS FOR THOSE WHO NEED THE WORK!!! I would also, like to ask Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert to host another "Rally to Restore Sanity" this coming October 30, 2011, to help me regain mine!

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