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Tips for Business Blogging

A blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.
Many bogs focus on a particular topic, such as business, web design, home staging, sports, or mobile technology. Some are more eclectic, presenting links to all types of other sites. And others are more like personal journals, presenting the author's daily life and thoughts.

Here are few tips on blogging for business.

Audience Identification.
A basic perception of any business is essential with a blog. It's critical to pinpoint your audience and, in the process, decide what you are going what you write.

Decide where your blog should live.
There are numerous software packages that let you add a blog section to an existing Web site. An automated and perhaps easier option is a blog hosting site with a link from your Web site bringing visitors over. Here, the setup is easy, as the site usually provides preformatted designs and other options from which you can choose. In particular, watch for features that may be helpful in building traffic, such as trackers that identify recent posts and the most popular message threads.

Start talking.
At this point, bringing your blog live will mean little more than placing your thoughts, observations and insights into the blog for others. But to really kick start your blogging traffic, don't just vent marketing-speak about how great your business is, or chatter about news and current events for which you offer no expertise. Instead, aim for a fresh, unique take. It provides a perspective that is heartfelt, compelling, and has the potential to help you market yourself and your business.

Get into the practice of "blogrolling."
Getting regular visitors to your site isn't just a matter of fresh, insightful commentary. Building traffic between blogs is another central element to luring repeat visitors. Here, "blogrolling" is an effective tool. This, in essence, is a set of links on your blog site that identifies other sites on the internet related to your business, industry or expertise which you find valuable. Developed in conjunction with a fresh voice, blogrolling encourages a steady back and forth between various sites, including other blogs.

Emphasize keywords.
Search engine hits are another element of generating traffic. One strategy to attract search engine interest is through careful use of keywords in both your headlines and blog copy. For instance, if your topic focuses on advertising a product overseas, use of the words "advertising" and "overseas" as often as possible and in varied permutations can help push your blog site toward the head of the search engine line.

Generate Fresh Material
Nothing is more discouraging to prospective readers than returning to a blog site to find old or outdated material. So, be prepared to work at keeping your blog as fresh and current as possible. But make a commitment to update your blog on as regular basis as your schedule reasonably permits.

Monitor your traffic
Monitor the amount and quality of the traffic you receive. If things seem slow or stagnant, don't be gun-shy about varying your themes or subjects to boost interest. But don't stray too far from your business or expertise.

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