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Tips for Small Business Online Marketing

Entrepreneurs need to know how to use the Web to reach their target audience. Online marketing has become a fundamental tool and hence, all entrepreneurs is required to be an expert. To facilitate this, an Internet marketing expert named Tracey De Leeuw has been using the Web as a marketing platform. She runs an eBusiness consulting site to help small businesses learn how to navigate the Web and capture the market.

The consulting site, www.smartspeed.ca, offers the best of help to entrepreneurs to grow and make their presence felt on the Web. Tracey's first internet marketing attempt was in November 1993, when she was testing the viability of a software training video. The activity created an idea in 1994 to create one of the first b2b commerce sites so others could market and sell online. She partnered with Royal Bank of Canada, Canada Post, and a telephone company from Manitoba and built the marketing and sales system. At a time when the potential of the Internet was unknown, Tracey had already determined to become a popular name in her line of business.

Her work focuses on helping businesses reach customers and sell their products with the use of inexpensive marketing technologies. Innovative ideas are then determined to make this possible. Low cost tools are formulated to increase sales and build sustainable relationships. Backed by attraction and retention of customers, business objectives are met with ease.

Tracey's advice to entrepreneurs is simple. She wants them to learn what is required. With regards to online marketing, this is what she has to share-
Technical Aspects - Learning keywords, keyword phrases, and search engines is important. Key acronyms like SEO, HTML, PHP, RSS etc, should be studied.

Marketing Aspects - Being part of the communities will help a lot. Being at the right place and the right time will help. Customers and clients need to find the entrepreneurs on the Web. The objective is to be the solution to their queries.

Personal Aspects - Tracey believes that women have a natural aptitude for online tools and business marketing. Online marketing is a frontier for emerging entrepreneurs. It is the greatest career environment for many who aspire to become like Tracey De Leeuw.

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