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Tips to Attract and Retain Customers

Attracting and retaining customers can be simple and difficult -- simple because it is easy to create an impression, and difficult because the task involves marketing. A business has to provide products that will satisfy all kinds of customers -- kids, teens, women, men and so on. If a product cannot satisfy the customer, it will not create a demand, and ultimatelyresult in a failure. A customer will not buy a product a second time unless it fulfills his needs the first time. A lesser known truth about product selling is that you should avoid 'selling' and start 'presenting' the product. The key to attract and retain customers is effective marketing.

There are many ways to attract and retain customers and it requires hard work, local knowledge and reaching out to all customers. Good products and good service drive success.

Here are a few tips that will help you attract and retain customers:  

Customer Motivation
Create a need for the product first. Offer a good demonstration of the product, if needed. Convince the customer that he needs the product in the first place.

Know the Customer
Match the kind of customer to the product.The product's objectives must adhere to the customer's needs. Without this, the whole purpose of marketing will be defeated.

First Impression
While explaining the product, choose your words carefully. Keep the best words at the surface. The first two minutes of the product orientation will create an impact on the customer. Prolonged marketing will not satisfy the customer, for the customer is impatient.

Brand Confidence
Brand value assuages for the major part of marketing. However, a brand value can be created only through effective marketing. Though you might find this confusing, practical implementation of this aid will offer better clarity.

Never expect instant results from your customers. The brand needs to get established in a steadfast manner. There is a gestation period from marketing to customer feedback. Remain patient and be optimistic until then. Customer relationships will not spring forth overnight, butwill evolve over time.  

Feedback Adherence
Customer feedback is the ultimate gospel for building a concrete tool to retain customers. Know what the customer wants and reckon the suggestions.

Elimination of Doubts
When in doubt, leave the detail. Come back to it later, work on it and proceed accordingly. There should be a hindrance free interface between you and the customer. This will help in building a confidence level in the customer.  

Offer quality services to aid the product you market. Remember that the product alone is stranded without proper packaging. Brand value and your marketing skills will improve the intangible packaging of the product quality.

A customer will be attracted to trustworthy marketing. If he is convinced that the product is as authentic and genuine as you have portrayed it to be, there is no doubt that you have retained him successfully.

Portals, web, and mobile applications can be developed to meet specific business needs, personalize services and provide additional flexibility. Customization can help create that edge that will help your organization deliver a superior customer experience.

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