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Tips to Promoting your Website | USGEA

Web site promotion is important for website success. The best thing is that promoting your site boils down to two simple strategies:
  1. Building inbound links to your site
  2. Creating compelling content that site visitors and search engines 'enjoy'

To promote your Website you need to add your webpage title, meta description and meta keywords. Create a text file containing your promotion data. Select your search engines and directories. Add your URL, maintain records of all your promotion actions. Add an e-mail signature file. Promote your website off-line. Promote your website as often as possible.

To promote your website, things you need to do are:

  1. make a web site and put it on the net
  2. let the world know that your site is there
  3. check if your site is worthwhile and if your title/description is attractive enough
  4. find out to which clusters your site belongs and get your site listed in those clusters

As a matter of fact, an online forum is a virtual room full of people who share and discuss the same interests and passions. This is why it is an ideal place to listen and understand to people's specific needs and problems and provide real help by providing valuable answers and suggestions.

It is much easier to promote your website when it is has a clear subject, and when that subject is new or when it is better presented than other websites. When you have that clear, make:

  1. An attractive title for your page
  2. A short, catchy description covering its contents
  3. A list of keywords

Here are some methods to increase traffic to your website.

Get your own domain : If you use WordPress or blogger, try to avoid using sub-domains or free hosting services. Pay for some web hosting and get your own unique domain name. This will make your website more memorable and encourage visitors to return.

Professional and Unique Design with Logo: Code your own template or modify an existing theme for your site. Make sure you have a great memorable logo so when people see it; they know it’s your websites. Your design should be clean and simple so it’s easy to navigate. After creating, test it and check everything works, a site with errors will lose visitors.

Post Linking: When a link is made to your website from another website, if activated, it places a link in that blogs comments back to the relevant post. This will help increase back links to your website and therefore increase traffic.

Content is most important: You need to consistently write great content on your website. The posts that you make need to be worth reading and have some impact on the visitor.

Reply to your readers: Replying to comments and any e-mails that you receive. This is part of your personality and showing that you are a real person who exists and cares about the topic you are bogging about.

Real Posts: Ensure that you sound human in your posts. Do not post in the third person. Use words such as “I” and talk about your personal experiences.

Picture: A picture paints a thousand words so why not show your readers who is writing the blog. Upload an image of yourself onto your about page, or if you are not quite comfortable to do that then have a cartoon of yourself made.

Comment on Other Blogs : This is a very powerful technique, I know I find myself clicking the link to a person’s website after I have read their comment and this is what you can achieve by leaving your comment on as many other blogs as possible. Blogs that are about the same topic will help you get targeted traffic. Ensure your comment is worth reading and not just a load of rubbish.

Internal Linking : Linking to previous posts that you have made will create more back links and also encourage readers to read again or look at some of your older work. Readers of a particular post will be interested in related posts so ensure you link to them.

Submit to Directories: Submit your site to online directories. Do this to as many as you can to improve your credibility. This increased back links to your website and there for you receive higher rankings on search engines. Quality back links are important so try and obtain some from high Page Ranking sites that have similar content to your websites.

Join Forums: Join many forums and message boards that are related to your websites content. Place a link back to your website in your profile and signature and frequently post useful information to other members.

Keyword Rich Content:  When writing articles or posts on your site, ensure you include relevant keywords so that people searching for the topic will have an easier time finding your article.

Write interesting Titles: Ensure that you write intriguing post titles that have keywords in. This is what is going to show up on search engines so ensure your spelling is right and that you would want to click it.

Press Release: Write a press release about something to do with your website and publish this on news sites or press release websites along with sites that are relevant to your niche.

Make sure that your website gets the attention it deserves, you have to promote it. To do so, you will have add a few more lines of HTML tags to your web pages, plus fill in some online forms to register it with the various search engines and directories. There are internet sites available to do most of the work for you for free. Plus, there are numerous sites willing to provide you valuable information about promotion.

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