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Top 10 IPO

Many IPOs have been cancelled or postponed because of investors' unwillingness to invest in a risk oriented market. However, there have been signs of improvement recently. Trading has revived at a slow pace. A list of companies have managed to hit the mark and catch the investor's attention. These companies have shown strong growth potential. They have demonstrated a solid position amidst all the hassles that occurred  prior to the revival of the market.  The list might not be surprising, for the names have already carved a niche among the public.

Here' a list of the top ten prospective candidates for IPO:  
  1. Facebook
  2. It is a company that promises an advent in the social networking circles. Facebook is the fourth largest site in the U.S. Investors await an IPO from Facebook as it has already raised $716 million and the last private common stock sale valued the company at $11 billion.

  3. Zynga
  4. Zynga has been confirmed as Facebook's largest advertiser. Indulged in social game developing, the site has drawn many customers to its attractive packages like Farmville, PetVille, and Texas HoldEm Poker.

  5. LinkedIn
  6. LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook. Corporate workers have managed to get jobs done through LinkedIn. Job searching is another feature that stands out as a beneficial factor.

  7. Glam Media
  8. Based on fashion and women oriented sites, Glam Media has attracted prospective revenues across the website and its users.

  9. Demand Media
  10. Started by former MySpace chairman Richard Rosenblatt, Demand Media is an LA-based company. It owns a collection of links to popular sites. Quick in response to the users’ needs, Glam Media is a growing company that has a lured the public in a short span of time.

  11. Gilt Groupe
  12. Gilt is a private online shopping club for luxury goods. Plans for IPO have already been passing around in the market.  

  13. Etsy
  14. Etsy is a Brooklyn based commercial website that offers handcrafted goods. It has proved to be a profitable venture and has doubled its profits in recent times.

  15. Yelp
  16. Yelp is a dynamic website that responds to far-famed reviews. The business has become a source for online advertising for local businesses.  

  17. Tesla Motors
  18. Tesla has proved to be a solid player in the auto industry. Backed by huge capital that is sourced from government loans, the company has reaped enough profits to lure potential investors.

  19. Skype
  20. Skype is a major Internet brand, with more than 500 million users who have been provisioned with Internet calling, IM, and video communications service. E-bay retains a 30 percent stake in Skype and business is expected to grow apace.  

All of the above names are likely to pull in a lot of investors. These are the companies that stand as prospective candidates for IPO.

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