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Top 10 Online Marketing Trends

When your investments on marketing involve emerging trends and ever changing technologies, the task of allocating the budgets becomes unwieldy. Consumer analysis and a check on recent trends is needed to invest wisely. However, it is not a hard and fast rule that your analytical skills will always prove beneficial. Well planned forecasting might turn into a rough-and-tumble situation. Luckily, there have been wise conclusions about the online marketing trend.
The following list features the top 10 internet marketing trends for 2010:-  

Well-indexed sites with relevant content will lead the search rankings, but the egressing technology has much more to offer. Since the volume of content keeps growing, search engines will be programmed to locate the consumer keywords by date, location, early searches, etc. In other words, the search engines will become even more personalized. It is not wise to abandon the current SEO strategy, but care should be taken to invest a small portion on the emerging trend. Initial testing will determine the authenticity and the need for a more personalized search.

Paid Searches
Paid search has not created as much of an impact as expected. Nevertheless, companies will continue to invest in order to attract prospective customers at lower prices. Marketing placement choices may be limited, but it will continue to be existent for a long time to come.

E-Mail Marketing
Customers regard e-mail as the elementary form of communication. Additionally, the cost spent on sending e-mails is low. So there is no reason why companies would not embrace e-mail marketing. Change in email addresses of customers might prove to be a hindrance, hence,  focus on enlisting valid customer addresses.

Network Marketing
Facebook fan pages and authentic information on Twitter will go a long way in bringingredeeming results for companies. A big brand will sell itself, but a small brand should resort to intellectual ad campaigns and eye-catching banners on networking websites. Current customers will be the first to acknowledge these advertisements, but it is likely that the companies will attract new customers in the coming months.

Blogging might sound effective, but the glitter does not last long if variety is not provided. The content needs to be eye candy for the readers. Good words will do the trick, but the content needs to be revised if there is no response.

Web Presence
Content nesting seems to be the right keyword when it comes to a strong web presence. A customer can view all the new pages through multiple hyperlinks in a single page. It allows the customer to experience 'nesting' while viewing multiple sites. A company's website needs to be nested in many content aggregation sites.For example, many people search for videos on YouTube. If  a video on a website is not on YouTube, people on YouTube will not bother searching for the website.

Mobile Marketing
In the past, small companies haven't had the chance to take advantage of mobile marketing, but this situation is destined to change in 2010. Customers have started demanding more mobile based applications, and recent technologies have started fulfilling their request. Small mobile marketing businesses will be of great help. Text messaging, mobile e-mail marketing and mobile websites look promising from the aspect of mobile marketing solutions.

Podcasting and Online Radio

Digitally formatted radios have caughtcustomers’ attention gradually. Podcasting enables more catchy, quick and engaging advertisements for customers. The idea is still being explored, but the trend cannot be ignored.

Online Video
Earlier, spreading a video message was confined to television. However, the internet has expanded online advertising tremendously. 2010 has assured small businesses of the ability to reach out to customers on a larger scale. Investing in online videos would be effective for the growth of the business. A video might consume lots of space and cannot be scanned or copied immediately, but it sure does intrigue and attract customers in seconds.  

Coupons and Discounts
Establishing a deep customer relationship is important. Customers need to be engaged. Small businesses can resort to providing online coupons and discounts. A customer will have the privilege of availing these without any hassles. The customer can be drawn into the database through lower prices on an initial stage and discounts on a later stage. Though the return on investment might not be quick, the idea is to create loyal customers who will help the business grow in the long run.

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