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Top 5 Tips for Small Business Technology

The ever-changing technology has pushed the functioning of businesses to a new forefront. Entrepreneurs have realized that technology is the key to advance their businesses in the presence of stiff competition. Making optimal use of the available technology is a crucial step towards the improvement of business. There are different technologies that are useful to small businesses and help fresh entrepreneurs to start from the scratch.

Here are a few tips to assist you in making decisions that facilitate efficient technological aspects for your business -

  1. Web Design Firms
  2. Choosing the right web designing firm for your website is an important decision. The more you know about the web designer, the more confident you will be in working with them. While choosing a web designer, the location of the firm should be a wise parameter. It could be a short distance or a long distance communication. Choose the former if you have to maintain a face-to-face communication with the web designer. Choose the latter if you are comfortable with communicating through telephones, fax and the Internet.

    Do a reference follow up of the web designer. Go through the previous projects that the web designer has done. Building a timeline for the development of your website is important. Maintain a firm and reasonable price for the project. Ownership of the website is a major issue. Make sure you have copyrights on major aspects of the contract.

  3. Networking Your Office
  4. In most of the cases, a business will have more than one computer. If it does, there are good chances that one computer might be isolated from the other. Therefore, sharing of files and information will become a difficult task. Hence, networking of the computers is necessary.

    Networking will facilitate the passing on of information without having to budge a bit from the computer. Connecting the computers is not difficult. You need basic computing skills for this process. Once you have connected your computers, there will be collaboration in projects and exchange of e-mails without a trace of difficulty. An important file such as the customer database can be accessed by many simultaneously.

    Ethernet is a reliable source of networking. It consists of physical cables connected to a central hub. If accessing of information is required to a large extent, a router can be used. Wireless mode of networking is more popular these days. Although the speed is good, you may have to go through basic guidelines on how to make the connection secure. Wireless networking is fast and affordable.

  5. Business Websites
  6. As an entrepreneur, you should be most intrigued in having a website. Your business's website should be eye-catching to the visitors. It needs to grab the customer's attention and make them stay longer on your website. The website is as good as the number of visitors it has. So, steps should be taken to ensure that high traffic takes place.

    Most of visitors will stay on a page for a few seconds only. Therefore, the website should look trendy and have lots of images and high graphic designs. Words should be used to a minimal extent. The choice of words also plays an important role in impressing the customer. Complication in navigating to different pages should be avoided. Bring fresh content once in a while, else the website might become stale and business will be eventually affected.

    After setting up of the website, make sure you promote it. Invest in search engine optimization and paid searches. Get feedback from the customers and clients and based on the feedback, improve the website. Delegate the task of website maintenance to professionals.

  7. Web Hosting
  8. With a business to improve, you have another crucial decision with regards to web service. You can either go for an ISP(Internet Service Provider) or acquire a server for your business? The first option is affordable and is apt for small businesses. Once the business is well-established and is ready for a significant change, acquisition of a server would be a wise decision. Hosting your own website requires a level of high end technical expertise and is justifiable only when it is a large scale business.

  9. From Desktops to Laptops
  10. Choosing desktops over laptops has its pros and cons. Laptops come in affordable prices these days. So the expense is approximately the same for Laptops and desktops. However, the choice is based on the mode of usage. It is also based on the designation of the person using them.

For instance, sales staff and the top management need to handle laptops as they never stay in one place for a longer time. They keep travelling from one place to another, either acquiring new clients or attending meetings and conferences. Field staffs also need laptops as their job profiles require them to be present at multiple locations.

Employees like accountants and graphic designers need to be in one place while working. Therefore, it would be wise if they handle desktops. Accountants need to access the company's financial information frequently and the information they seek will be present in a single database. Hence, the book keeping staff needs desktops. Graphic designers store data of big file sizes. Graphics require a lot of memory and only a desktop will be efficient for this purpose.

Laptops can do wonders when the question of portability and comfort sets in. However, they cannot be apt for every employee. Some or most of the employees seek the factors of price and productivity as a criterion. In those cases, desktops will the preferred choice.
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