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Turn your Hobby Website into a Business

A person will share something he enjoys and is knowledgeable in. When people around him start enjoying it too, it is the right time to strike gold with the Internet. Darnell McGovak is one such example of someone who turned his hobby website into a successful business.  

Darnell started a website in the early months of 1998. The website contained a collection of recipes that had been picked from the cultures of American/African, Jamaican and Caribbean grounds. Initially started as a hobby, the website soon became famous. Since it was just an extension of his homepage, Darnell soon started a new domain called soulfoodcookbook.com. The reason behind such a decision was obvious. Darnell's share of knowledge in recipes earned enough attention to make a business out of it. As visitors increased, the server and bandwidth costs increased proportionately. As the visitors found the content useful, Darnell used the website as a source of income and marketed his talents online. Though a popular website, the regular expenses come in the form of web hosting, cost of sales, shipping charges, etc. Hardware expenses include the cost of printers, computers and compact disks.

Darnell McGovak sells his own goods and CDs through his website. Over a period of time, he restricted the volume of content on the website and transferred them onto a CD. Customers buy the CD to get a full version of his recipes. Developing the CD and marketing it online proved to be a profitable venture. Darnell used advertising as a revenue model and later, he developed the CD and a cookbook.

Darnell McGovak shares a valuable piece of information that will help a person make money out of his hobby. First of all, the pursued hobby must be enjoyable by others. Then, convert the knowledge into a content that can be viewed online. The best part of the content is to be made available only through a reasonable fee. Eventually, the website will be a good source of income.

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