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Turning Passion to Business Experiences

Aileen Siroy fell in love with photography as a young girl. She was 14 when she got her first camera. She developed a hobby of taking pictures of people and landscapes. What started off as a hobby became a career later. While pursuing a career in communications in Philippines, Aileen realized that a career in photography was destined for her. Backed by enough support from family and friends, she decided to pursue photography.

Aileen has a flare for sketching and painting as well. Aileen is one of the few individuals who have converted their hobbies into a bankable line of work. Initially, she had no one to please but herself. Now, she has loads of clients to please. Her targets include families, babies and children, people who are in-love, people who are getting married, people who are celebrating milestones, and just about anyone who loves to be photographed and who appreciates the value of being artistically captured in a photograph.

For Aileen, photography is always a passion first. The initial jump from an employee to a business owner was hard. While she continues to do Development Communications consulting, she strives hard to do photography on a full time basis. Amidst many talented photographers in the market, creating a niche among them was a difficult task. Marketing and client databases were a challenge. She asked the help of friends for client referrals, moral support, and business advice. Aileen's market value grew by word of mouth. Her first clients were her friends, who referred her to many other acquaintances. She had to sacrifice a sizeable amount of her savings to buy equipment.

Aileen Siroy has her own website now, a strategy through which new clients have been acquired. She considers Vik Orenstein’s Guide to Building Your Photography Business to be her most helpful book.

As a well-established entrepreneur, Aileen Siroy shares valuable lessons with women who wish to start their own businesses -

  • First – Have the passion for the business you want to enter into. Know well the business. Make sure you have the pertinent knowledge and skill about it, and how to run it.
  • Second – Respect, integrity, and good customer service are integral part of any business.
  • Third – Be strong. Having your own business is not for the faint of heart.
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