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Understanding What Motivates Employees

Employees are motivated by many different things. What can be used to motivate one employee successfully may not work for another employee. Understanding the different motivators will help a manager find what category individual employees fit into. Most employees will find one or two areas their strongest motivators. Knowing these will allow the manager to successfully motivate the employees.
After reading this discussion and viewing the video, the reader will:
• Understand that not all employees are motivated the same way.
• Understand the 6 different employee motivators.
• Understand how to use these motivators to increase employee satisfaction.
Employees are unique in many ways. This includes the methods of motivation. What works for one employee will most likely not work for another employee. The video “How to Motivate Employees Using the 6 Hidden Motivators” by Michael Spremulli, a corporate personality profiler discusses the six motivation techniques. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ybksrCEELU&feature=related
1. Theoretical motivator
These employees are life-long learners. They enjoy leaning. These employees will find new projects interesting and motivating. They will also enjoy the chance to attend training courses.

2. Utilitarian motivator
These employees ask “What is in it for me?” They feel they have worked hard for the organization and expect to be rewarded financially. They find motivation in pay increases and bonuses.

3. Aesthetic Motivator
These employees find motivation by their physical surroundings. Many times, motivation may be found by moving the employee to their own office.

4. Social Motivator
Most of these employees put the needs of others before themselves. Teachers and counselors are most often in this category. These individuals are very social by nature and will be motivated by being placed in positions of social interaction.

5. Individualistic Motivator
These employees find motivation through power or authority. They become motivated when they are put in a leadership role. They expect to move upward inside the organization.

6. Traditional Motivator
Employees have a system of beliefs. These are often their strongest motivators. Many times these are political or religious.

There are six primary employee motivators. Most employees will find one or two of these to be much more important than the others. Knowing the employee is the key. By understanding the employee’s motivators, the manager can reward employees appropriately. This will lead to happier employees and a more productive workforce.

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