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Website for Small Business


        Operating s small business today is more competitive than it's ever been. Even with your niche market, there will always be strong competitors in your immediate area. By having a website, you open up your business to a huge potential market (Blake,2003). In addition, most people, nowadays, begin their search for a product online using a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Having a website, especially a website that is designed to be an effective internet marketing tool, can be very valuable for small businesses. Without the right website, people will not be able to find your business. The website doesn't need to be large; and, it doesn't need to cost you thousands of dollars to create and maintain. A small simple yet professional website is all that is needed to get the company's name out there and provide general information to potential customers. With the website, the customers can now find out about the business day and night, whether the physical store open or not. It can let them know when the business are open, provide them with directions, and answer some of the most commonly asked questions, all without putting a strains on staffing resources (Barone, 2009). 


After viewing the video presentations, the viewers should learn that:

  • More and more people, now, are looking to buy product or service online. 
  • If a business has a website, there are potential customers out there finding their product. If they don't, the customers will find their competitors.
  • Appealing website is the best way for a small business to spend its marketing budget. Out of all advertising and marketing methods available to businesses, websites are the most effective and efficient. Compared to other forms of advertising, a website is much cheaper, but yields more results (Barone, 2009).
  • Website increases the products' speed to the market. Again, unlike other forms of marketing, a website has the potential to be a living, breathing thing (Yanofsky, 2011). 
  • A website provides credibility and certainty for the customers. It tells the customers that the company is not just a random company or an anonymous voice on the end of the telephone. With a professionally designed and built website, a business appears as an established and credible business ( Blake, 2003).
  • A website can enable a business to service the needs of its customers around the clock, day or night. People can easily find out about its products and services.
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The video presentations clearly convince that websites are really important tools for small businesses. Websites can be used as an effective, cheap, and yet practical marketing tools that should not be overlooked by small businesses owners for their overwhelming benefits. 


In conclusion, there is almost no reason that a small business would not want to have a website on the internet. The benefits far outweigh the drawback, if there are any. Whether it simply be to provide information about your business or to sell products or services directly, it is beneficial for all businesses to have an online internet presence by having their own website.



Barone, Lisa. (Dec 21, 2009). Why Your Small Businesses Need a Website in 2010. 

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Yanofsky, Brandon. (August 08, 2011). Why More Small Business Need a Website http://beforeitsnews.com/story/925/403/Why_More_Small_Businesses_need_a_Website.html




























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