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Human networking is the most important activity that can result in enduring and mutually beneficial relationships. It is much demanded by woman entrepreneurs who seek on building connections for support and exchange of ideas. This was better understood and realized by Gabriela Chavez, who has created Beauties on the Go to give women a supportive community on the Web and provide opportunities to network with other women.

Beauties on the Go's aim is to simplify the lives of women by sharing their inner and outer beauty and inspire many by providing them with resources that touch every aspect of living. It is a community that has been created for busy women. It provides them with informative resources and events, placing high value on inner and outer beauty.

Gabriela Chavez observed that women needed to make true friends. They also searched for a supportive system that would help them when they did not have a positive outlook. Networking is demanded by women because they are looking for valuable resources that will prove beneficial to their businesses.

Beauties on the Go provides membership programs that have been useful to women involved in businesses. The benefits that these membership programs offer are perceived as a social welfare.
The resources include:
  1. Advancement towards entrepreneurship
  2. Access to targeted business demographics
  3. Live/interactive customer relationships
  4. Valuable savings on exclusive events
  5. Phone conferences
  6. Personalized life coaching
  7. Personalized business consulting

When membership programs are purchased, part of the proceeds is directed towards funding the TEEN L.U.V.E Program-for at-risk teens and other charities.

Quotes shared by Gabriela Chavez -

"When we are feeling peaceful and happy it then helps simplify our lives and leads to helping balance the rest of our lives."

"It is great to have visions and goals of how we want to run our business, but being an entrepreneur involves being very flexible and open minded for your own sake. It does not mean we have to change our visions and goals, but I know that I have learned that being flexible and open minded has helped me in times where I encountered obstacles."
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