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Working Towards Success-Video published by Ben De La Cruz Vimeohttp://vimeo.com/channels/videojournalism

Working Towards Success-Video published by Ben De La Cruz Vimeohttp://vimeo.com/channels/videojournalism


The road to a career that pays a livable wage is harder for some than it may be for others. For those that have little options to pay for thier education other than attending school part time and working the other half of the time the road is very difficult.

When a young person tackles this alone times may be hard or at the least uncomfortable but with only one person to look out for the general consensus is a person can slide by. But when an individual has already started a family and still must accomplish these task thing can get really hard.

The Video chronicles a couple trying to do just that. they are married and have one small child to take care of. The husband is attending classes during the day and working at night. The wife is a full time house wife caring for the child. it is her hope that when her husband earns his degree in computer technology she can then begin to get here career in order and embark on the road to a two wage household.

The video details the issues the couple face, how hard it is and the uncertainty of what will happen, and what each day will bring.


Following the presentation you will-

-See what challenges a family in this situation is faced with.
-See first hand the pressures of being responsible for not only a wife but a child from the male perspective.
-Hear and consider problems from an alternate vantage point.

Working Toward Success from ben de la cruz on Vimeo.


The learner will find it very interesting to see the struggle involved for individuals who have a family before their education is complete. For those who are younger perhaps high school students this can serve as an educational tool as well. But at the end of the day what ever route to success is chosen one must be willing to work hard at it.

Cory Harris GRC 605

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